Erica on BGC 9 Life's a Bleach

When the new girls erased what Danielle wrote to me on my dry erase board I was pissed! That was a f*cked up move and when I told the rest of the Original Bad Girls they were pretty upset too. I walked right up to the newbies and told them what they did was NOT cool, and that I would've liked to have kept it on there for awhile before it got erased.....especially by some no named 9th and 10th b*tches!!

I wasn't trying to recruit the new girls to "my side". It was more about being REAL to them from the beginning and making sure they knew how fake Kristen and Lea were! They are nice to your face and then in a split second will turn on you if they don't like you. Pulling pranks and "kicking people out" is NOT what the definition of a Bad Girl is. That is on some serious high school bull sh*t if you ask me! I think Kristen and Lea never f*cked with me because they were intimidated by me. You always have to watch out for the quiet ones. They're the ones with the hardest bite, not the ones with the loudest bark. Usually the females with the loudest bark are the ones that are full of bullsh*t and are all talk. I tried my hardest to warn Ashley and Christina of Kristen and Lea's immature antics.

I thought it was hilarious when Christina kept calling Lea a lesbian...especially after I saw Lea FULLY enjoying her lap dance at the strip club! She was biting her lip and "eye f*cking" these broads like there was no tomorrow LOL!! Because I knew Lea was very sensitive about "labeling" her sexuality I knew there for sure was going to be repercussions for Christina's actions.

Brandi had actually come to me right as we got home and said I just overheard Lea and Kristen talking about how they are going to attack Christina to get her out of the house. As soon as she told me that, I ran and told Christina, "Look I don't know what they are going to do, or when, but Brandi just told me she heard Kristen and Lea talking about how they plan on getting you out of the house." I was just trying to give the girl a heads up, as I would want anyone to do the same for me if I was ever in that situation. I thought the whole thing was childish as hell, and that if they really wanted her out, then they should have just packed her sh*t up, and kicked her out!!! JUST LIKE WE DID TO WHOREGAN!!!!

I didn't necessarily join in or step in. It wasn't my fight to fight. I feel like I did my part in warning her as soon as I found out some sh*t was about to pop off, as well as helped Ashley pick Christina's stuff up off the floor after it was tossed over the upstairs balcony. Meanwhile, Brandi who was originally trying to get the two new girls on her side because she felt threatened being alone, just sat there and did nothing and said nothing. At least I stayed true to Christina and attempted to calm Lea down, and pick up her stuff before it was damaged even more.

I do not think that Christina would have been able to withstand that mental, physical, and verbal abuse had I not warned her previously. I was not impressed at all. Everything Kristen and Lea did to Christina was childish, immature, stupid and petty. It was not what a real Bad Girl should do if they were trying to kick someone out of the house!

I thought it was funny as sh*t when Christina finally did something to end this nonsense!! I was hoping the bleach would fry Kristen's over-processed nasty hair and orange skin.
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