Erica on Episode 2: Check Your Baggage

When Morgan left, I was excited that our plan to get her out of the house worked! FINALLY the negative, self-absorbed B*TCH was gone!!

Now the divide was 4-2 and the RIDE OR DIES ran that house!

I learned some floor work (aka stripper moves) from some of the girls I work with. I work at a Bikini Sports Bar with a lot of ex-dancers. So when it was slow and we were bored, we taught each other new dance moves!!

I feel that Brandi is a grown ass woman, as is Jeff a grown ass man. They are two adults that should be able to handle their own drama on their own. I believe as her roommate she had the right to be mad at me for not sticking up for her. But at that time, I really didn't think Brandi would take what Jeff said so seriously, and make such a HUGE DEAL over nothing. I thought the comment was actually quite funny.

Brandi wanted half of the money we made while dancing on the stripper pole. I told Brandi we were not at her work and to get over it. I felt like the money was made by a FEW people that got up and were dancing on/around the pole and that the only fair way to handle the money was to use it for house groceries. Which is what we ended up doing. Brandi was drunk, and thinking about herself usual.
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