Erica on Episode 3: Where's the Money Honey?

I didn't go to the tattoo shop with the rest of the girls for a few reasons. First off, I felt it was too early in my Bad Girls Club experience for me to permanently mark myself with that logo. I wanted to make sure that I fully grasped the whole experience before I decided to get a tattoo that would remind me of it. I also felt that I'd rather get something of that significance with people I actually gave a sh*t about. If it was just me and Danielle going, I wouldn't have thought twice about going. Even if it was Lea, Brandi, OR Danielle....any of those girls I would've gone. Another reason I didn't go was because the idea of just sitting there NOT getting a tattoo waiting on all the OTHER girls to get one is NOT my idea of fun. It actually sounds boring to me lol. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my time alone in the Bad Girls house. For once, all I heard was silence!

My roommates probably thought I didn't care about anything because if I felt like someone wasn't taking the time to get to know me...Lea, Kristen, and Cat I wasn't going to go out of my way to get to know them either. Also, I was smart and didn't tell anyone other than Danielle anything personal about my life. And that's because she is the only one I trusted. If at any given moment I get in to a fight with another girl in the house, they didn't know anything other than my name, how old I was, and where I lived. I liked it this way because even if they wanted to be evil, and low blow me, they couldn't because they didn't know sh*t about me. Also, if I don't like you, I'm not going to be fake and continue hanging out with or around you. So a lot of the time when Kristen and Cat would join in with the rest of us, Danielle and I would do our own thing or I would do something by myself. I am not a follower. I am a leader. Therefore, I will not follow people I do not respect, like, or care about.


It really didn't bother me too much that everyone in the house was talking about me but not to me. I basically expected it. I would've just rather them come say something to my face, like a grown ass woman should, and not just behind my back. The difference between myself and a lot of the girls is that I may talk about you behind your back but I will also tell you to your face, with no problem. Even if confronted, I will still admit to it and then explain why I feel that way about you and why I said what I said.

What I liked about Jeff, initially, was that the kid had swag. He knew how to dress and he smelled good LOL. He was nice and funny, as well as good-looking. I do not think Jeff should have bought anyone drinks. I am an independent woman who does not need a man to fund my nights out on the town. I think that Cat was out of her mind for thinking that Jeff needed to buy her or any of my other roommates drinks. He's MY guest, therefore if he "should be" buying drinks for anyone it should've been FOR ME and ME ONLY!!


When Catya was yelling at Jeff, I was thinking: Cat is just trying to get camera time and/or piss me off. I separated Jeff from her and the situation more than once and she just kept coming back for more drama. It was ridiculous and immature. I felt like she could stand up for herself or defend herself if she felt the need to but then that's it! Go to bed and discuss it with me in the morning. Cat had zero respect for me or my guests at that time.

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