Erica on Episode 4: Talkin Smack

My first impression of Kayleigh was that before I even asked her what her name was, I could tell by the way she spoke she was either another Cali b*tch OR an ASU girl! And....I was right on the money, WITH BOTH ASSUMPTIONS! She attended ASU for one year, and currently lives in San Diego, CA. I thought she was pretty, a little goofy, and very tall!

We decided to "haze" the new roommate as sort of a way to initiate her as the 8th b*tch in to the Bad Girls house. Kayleigh was NOT happy that no one would let her in the house, nor speak to her. I had just gotten out of the shower, so I kind of stayed upstairs and out of the drama because I was still getting dressed and ready for the day! I think it was HILARIOUS that Kayleigh got drunk after shot after shot of Patron, while she thought the rest of us were taking Patron shots too. In reality, we were taking shots of water to trick her! LOL.

Cat was actually the first to break and speak to Kayleigh, not me. When Kayleigh came around the back of the house, still trying to get in, Cat was outside laying out by the pool. Cat was the first person that Kayleigh approached, and Cat ended up introducing herself to Kayleigh. Therefore, making Cat the 1st to speak. As far as communicating to Kayleigh first, I told her my name! That's it!! LOL. No one spoke to her for about an hour and eventually I felt bad for her so I decided to tell her my name. BIG DEAL!! LOL it's not like I was giving her a house tour or helping her unpack!!

Kayleigh called me weak for telling her my name. It's always the "name callers" that are the weakest links!! I don't pretend to be strong I know I am. The day they get to me in this house is the day I go home for beating a b*tch's ass.

When Danielle and I got home and Cat's friends were EVERYWHERE in the house, I was a little taken aback. We couldn't find Cat anywhere, because she was busy getting d*ck in the bathroom. I didn't mind that Cat had all of her friends over. I just would have liked to have been given a heads up first. She should have respected everyone else enough to tell everyone that she planned on having some people over. We have no doors or locks on our stuff so it was a little unnerving to come home to a house full of people you don't even know, and can't find the person who's friends these are anywhere. Danielle and I both told Cat that she's lucky that it was D and I that came home when we did and not the rest of the girls. Because sure enough when the rest of the girls came, there was DRAMA!! Brandi was drunk going crazy over some stupid petty comment made to Lea. All I'm saying is that it would've been WAY worse than that had the rest of the girls come home first before Danielle and I.

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