Erica on Episode 6: Jamaican Me Crazy

Kristen always has to have someone "in her corner." She can't ever do something on her own.
I thought that Kristen was a hypocritical b*tch for throwing Kayleigh's stuff on the beach. How can she get mad at Kayleigh for "not having her back" or "standing up for her" when Kristen was unable to even stand up for herself?! That Jamaican girl was UP IN KRISTEN'S FACE, and Kristen just stood there and did NOTHING! If you are just standing there doing nothing, why would someone jump in? Besides Kristen had been really mean to Kayleigh that whole trip so Kayleigh was thinking it was karma coming after Kristen.

If you notice, Kristen always has to have someone "in her corner." Like a little sidekick. She can't ever do something by herself or on her own. That's weak if you ask me.

I know Danielle and I peed during parasailing but all the girls had to pee and were peeing off the side of the boat. The ocean was really choppy and I didn't feel like leaning my ass over the side and accidentally falling in the water. Danielle and I thought it would be funny, and no big deal. And it was funny and no big deal. The other girls are delusional if they think we're disgusting for peeing in the water or for "disrespecting" Jamaica. Cat got d*ck in the bathroom. That's disgusting. Kristen was flipping tables at Jamaican residents and tourists, constantly being drama and making scenes, as well as throwing Kayleigh's clothes, weave, and camera all over the beach and in the Jacuzzi. If that's not disrespecting Jamaica then I don't know what is!

I never really connected with Kayleigh, or got to know her. I offered friendship to her the very first day she was in the house by asking her to come with me to get our nails done. I thought for sure we would get along because she lives in San Diego and hangs out at a lot of the spots I did when I lived in San Diego. Plus she likes black men just like me :) But I was wrong. She decided to let Kristen sway her opinion of me. Instead, she followed Kristen around 24/7. I was never mean to Kayleigh and had no reason to be. She was like invisible to me because what she did or said never affected me in any way. Once she decided to be friends with Kristen I knew right away she was going to regret it and soon she would see how fake and two-faced Kristen is. I feel like Kayleigh just wanted to be accepted in the house so badly that she went for the girl that she THOUGHT was on top. She saw me and Danielle doing our own thing and maybe thought we were outcasts in the house. In reality, Danielle and I are the stronger ones for being independent, not fake and deciding on our own that we weren't going to associate ourselves with women who act like spoiled children. I am not going to go talk sh*t on someone, and then go to the hair salon with them regardless of if I need highlights or not. Kristen did not like me, so why would she have gone to the nail shop with me and Kayleigh? Because she felt threatened that numbers wise, Kayleigh might side with Danielle and I.

I was shocked, but didn't really care that Cat left because again Cat and I didn't know each other that well. Cat and I have nothing in common therefore a friendship between us would have never worked. I was glad that I didn't have to hear her piss and moan about how things are never "up to her standards" though. Cat felt like she was better than us a lot of the time, which is obviously why she cliqued up right away with the two fakest girls in the house, Whoregan and Kristen. Kristen would never turn on Cat though. She would be too scared of what Cat would do to her in retaliation!

Besides all the drama, I loved Jamaica because it was different than anything I had ever seen before. I have traveled a lot, but Jamaica is in its own realm when it comes to vacation spots! The people of Jamaica are so hospitable and kind. They are SO proud of their country and love to educate the tourists about it. From the amazingly clear, blue ocean to the white sands on the beach, we were definitely in paradise! I would LOVE to go back to Jamaica again!

I thought all of the Men Of Steel were very nice and good looking. They took really good care of their bodies HA HA. They were all great entertainment for us Bad Girls while in Jamaica! There was ONE gentleman that stood out to me, and that was Adrian, the "Men of Steel's" photographer/videographer.

Although he approached me first, the connection was definitely mutual.

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