Kayleigh on Episode 6: Jamaican Me Crazy

I left Jamaica because I was done with the Bad Girls Club. I don't think that I was Kristen's puppy. Yes, I spent a lot of time with Kristen but I also spent time with other girls in the house. I think that Kristen calling me that is very degrading and disrespectful. It may look like I was always "following" Kristen around, but it wasn't really like that. She was EQUALLY following ME around. I definitely picked her as the wrong person to trust in the house. I wish I had spent more time getting to know the other girls in the house because at the end of the day Kristen was fake, selfish and above all, a backstabbing b*tch.

I came into the house late and I attached myself to her because I needed an ally. Before all of the drama with Kristen, I really did enjoy spending time with her. But I feel like she played me in a major way. The person that Kristen pretends to be is much different than the person she really is. Looking back on it now, I should have just remained independent and spent time with everyone equally.


The Men of Steel were what I liked best about Jamaica OBVIOUSLY. It was soooo nice to actually be around testosterone for a change. I think we made it pretty obvious how horny and d*ck deprived we all really were. Kristen was always being unnecessarily dramatic. Some guy flipped her off and she got upset and flipped over the glass table that we were sitting at. All I was thinking in my head was: "here we go again..." The Jamaican woman got upset with Kristen for causing a scene, and rightfully so. Kristen was acting like a three-year-old throwing a tantrum. I was so fed up with her antics that I wanted the Jamaican woman to hit Kristen. I was hoping that she would finally get what she deserved. I thought it was hilarious that Kristen acted like Leo was holding her back. Hahahah that b*tch didn't do sh*t and at the end of the day! She is the real p*ssy. Kristen was right. I didn't have her back. I wanted her to get attacked. I was starting to hate her in Jamaica and I wanted nothing more than for her to get what she deserved. Personally, if some random woman ran up on me and got in my face, I would hit that b*tch myself! I wouldn't expect my roommate (who I had talked sh*t about the whole time I was in Jamaica) to defend me in a situation that had nothing to do with her. You reap what you sow b*tch.


Kristen was always starting drama and expecting everyone in the house to have her back. And yes, most of the time people had her back. But Kristen NEVER had her own back. She always started the drama and expected other people to finish it for her. Kristen is in NO WAY a Bad Girl in that sense. She could never fight her own battles. So I think that when I didn't jump in on the situation, Kristen didn't really know what to do because she had never had to defend herself before. She made herself look STUPID. I trusted someone that I shouldn't have. Kristen was fake and acted like we were friends, when really she was talking sh*it about me my behind my back the whole time.


The incident in Jamaica was the last straw for me. I was very angry when I saw my stuff on the beach. I couldn't believe that Kristen was so immature. We aren't five-years-old. We are grown ass women and touching another person's personal belongings is just low. Obviously Kristen was too much of a p*ssy to handle the situation in the right way. I just couldn't believe how someone that I had been so close with in the house could just turn on me like that. It was a childish move on her part and at the end of the day she looks like a dumb, immature b*tch. I left Jamaica because I was done with the Bad Girls Club. I was sick of being made to feel like I was worthless, when in reality I was better than all of these girls.


I did the show to have fun and experience something new. I was never unkind or disrespectful to anyone in that house when that is all they did to me. I was exhausted mentally and physically and I wanted to go home where I could be around my real friends and family. The only part I regret about leaving Jamaica was that I left the vacation element of it. It would have been nice to enjoy the trip for a few days without all of the drama.

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