Kayleigh on The Reunion Part 1

Kristen is just a fake b*tch. She even trained as an actress! I didn’t stand up for her in Jamaica because it was her fight to handle. And she couldn’t even stand up for herself. SHE DID NOTHING! All she did was say "WTF are you gonna do!!!!" If some crazy chick was in my face I’d beat her ass! Kristen has no one to defend her now and she only talks sh*t when she has someone to back her up, which is why she got mad at me in Jamaica. She just doesn't know how to stand alone.

Lea and I became friends after living in the house. I got to know the real her – she’s crazy and I love it. Kristen is obviously jealous of my friendship with Lea now.

I went after Kristen at the reunion show because she is such a hypocrite. SHE is the puppy. SHE is the one who always needs someone to have her back. And now that she has NO ONE she doesn't have sh*t to say. I don’t regret anything I did at the reunion. I love watching me hit Kristen. Didn't I say karma was a bitch? I'm so glad I did it. WHO'S DONE NOW B*TCH??!!
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