Kayleigh on The Reunion Part 2

Kristen might be the fakest person I've ever met in my life.I was very anxious about the reunion. I wasn't sure what to expect or how I would actually feel when I faced Kristen. I am an incredibly forgiving person and for many months I tried to bring myself to just let what happened in the house go. But for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to forgive Kristen or forget how much she put me through in the house. I wasn't really worried about facing any of the other girls. If anything, I was excited to see Erica, Brandi and Danielle.

Kristen runs around constantly backstabbing people and f*cking them over. And when she is called out about it, she acts completely clueless. She might be the fakest person I've ever met in my life. I really don't think she will ever learn how to be a good person or friend and I feel bad for her...well...kind of. It's a shame that we are no longer friends, because she could learn a lot from me.
I don't know Ashley and Christina on a personal level. I really liked Christina on the show and Ashley seems like a sweetheart. I'm not going to make any further judgments on the new girls because I just don't know them like that.

My favorite thing about the reunion was just being able to see everyone one last time. Everyone looked gorgeous and it just felt good to see people that you went through this uncommon experience with in a different atmosphere than we are used to. I don't regret anything that I did at the reunion. I wish they had let me come back on stage because I had so much more to say. But, I'm glad that things went the way they did. I just really would have liked to be on stage for longer. For the girls that I love, you will always be my sisters no matter what. I got your back ;)

For the girls that I hate, I will pray for you. You need Jesus and a whole lot more.

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