Episode 1 Recap

When I first met Brandi I thought she was the smallest black girl I had ever met. Danielle looked trashy and her outfit was tacky. Catya was super hot and seemed nice. Morgan was amazingly beautiful, and was also super nice. Erica's outfit and clothes were trashy, and I didn't like her tattoos. Lea had tons of caked on make-up, and it looked like she was trying way to hard to look like a bad ass. I had a feeling I was going to be the last person in the house because the best is always saved for last. I always make a grand entrance! I didn't really care that the other girls pranked me by stripping my bed. It was kind of a lame prank. They couldn't have done better??? Lame. I was super drunk on the first night because I didn't eat anything the entire day and I drank way too much that night. In Boston I normally don't drink, so I think my tolerance was really low. I think Morgan and I will be friends because she is a sweet girl with a sick body. I love hanging out with beautiful girls. When I saw that Morgan's stuff was outside on the front steps I couldn't believe my eyes! I couldnt believe the other girls would touch her stuff while we were not home. I think that is disrespectful and the other girls are clearly jealous. They hate the fact that Morgan looks like a Victorias Secret model and they don't.

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