Kristen on BGC 11: Brandi on the Rocks

Brandi still loves Lea regardless of if Lea loves her.I know that Brandi didn't hit Lea when she left because Brandi still loves Lea regardless of if Lea loves her. I also think that Brandi was done being in the house. I think that she wanted to leave.

After Brandi left the house I was sad. Brandi brought so much humor and light to the house. When she was drunk she turned into a mean, hurtful person, however it was so hard to see her leave because I really do love Brandi. I felt that she really needed to leave the house because she was getting worse.

I do agree with all of the other roommates that Lea has changed. When she came into the house, she acted completely different. I know that everyone thinks that Lea changed because she starting to wearing fake eye lashes, spray tanning and caring more about how she looked. However, I think that Lea changed in a very different way. I feel like Lea became a diva. I really liked Lea because she was honest, fun and an amazing person. However, she changed. All of a sudden she was obsessed with being in the spotlight, being mean, not caring at all about anyone else. I think that I took Lea's metamorphoses the hardest because she wasn't acting like a friend anymore she was acting like a prima donna monster.

When my friend Shaun came to visit I really wanted Lea to go to the beach with us because I wanted my friends to get along.

However she acted selfish and didn't care that she made us wait around for 45 minutes. I also was really bothered by the fact that Lea knew that the gay bar was in the opposite direction from the bar she wanted to go to, so my friend and I wouldn't have even had time to go to the gay bar. It was really shady. She knew exactly what she was doing.

So I have been getting a lot of questions via Twitter. So I would like to take this opportunity to answer all of those questions.

Q. Is the show scripted?
A. No not at all. I wish I could blame my actions sometimes on being instructed to do so. However anything I said or did was on my own doing.

Q. How much do you work out?
A. I work out everyday for at least an hour. I love kayaking, running, and walking my dog.

Q. Did your mom ever get over you getting the BGC tattoo?
A. Yes my mother has moved on from me getting the tattoo.

Q. Do you regret being in the Bad Girl Club?
A. No not at all! I loved being in the Bad Girl Club. It changed me in a way that I am so grateful for. I have grown a lot since being in Miami.

Q. Do your parents still support you?
A. I now support myself 100%. I pay my own rent, bought my own car and love being an adult :)

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