Kristen on BGC 12: The Wicked Witch of Key West

I honestly don't know why I punched Lea. I was out of my mind drunk.My time in Key West was strange at best. I honestly was over being in the Bad Girls house. I was over how all the girl were acting and I just was fed up with how Lea was becoming more selfish. I no longer felt close with ANYONE in the house.

I honestly don't know why I punched Lea. I was out of my mind drunk. I don't know what happened. I don't even remember any of the fight or what happened. The last thing I remembered from that night was drinking at the bar to waking up in my hotel room shaking. It probably was just that I was fed up and acted out wile drunk. I don't know.

I do not condone fighting or hitting at all. A real Bad Girl can talk her problems out. She doesn't need to fight, yell or scream like a moron. I am ashamed at the fact I hit Lea. Even though Lea had been pissing me off, she still was my friend and I never should have raised a hand to her.

I think that Lea reacted the way any person would react to being hit. If someone -- even my friend -- hit me I would probably have hit them back. I don't think her hitting me was uncalled for.

My apology to Lea was sincere. I was sorry for hurting her. I wouldn't have let anyone ever hurt Lea so for me to have been that person was shocking even to myself. I knew that Lea wasn't going to forgive before I even read her my letter, but it was something I had to do for myself.

I don't really think anyone ran the Bad Girls house. I think if I had to say anyone did, I would say I did I run the house. Who was the girl everyone wanted to be? Me. Who was the girl everyone wanted to be best friends with? Me. Who was never weak? Me. Who's the baddest b*tch, while not being fake and being herself? Me. However, it's up to you.
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