Kristen on BGC 9 - Life's a Bleach

Even though I do not agree with what Christina did, I understand why she did it. When Christina threw the bleach I was in shock, I couldn't believe that someone threw bleach on another person. Chemical warfare is never called for. Even though I do not agree with what Christina did, I understand why she did it. We were attacking her for hours and wouldn't stop. She felt backed into a corner and didn't know what to do.

When Christina kept calling Lea a lesbian I thought it was stupid of her to piss Lea off. Lea and I run the house. I thought it was a bad move on her part. I don't know if Lea is gay but I know she doesn't admit to it and hates being called gay so it really made her mad when Christina kept saying it.

I am not proud of how I acted towards Christina at all. I became something that I hate, a bully. I bullied Christina for no reason other then I was on a sick power trip. I thought that by me acting the way I did I was powerful. However, what it really came down to is my actions were awful and cruel. All Christina did was say her opinion that she felt that Lea was gay. I am ashamed of how I treated her. If I could go back in time I would have sat down with her and talked.

Lea and I left the girls at the dog races, because I don't condone animals being forced to run for the entertainment of cruel people. I feel very strongly that dog racing is a heartless, awful "sport" that should be banded from every state in America. People who profit from hurting animals are sick.

I didn't regret wanting Danielle to leave the Bad Girl's house, even after Christina and Ashley entered the house. They would have come into the house regardless if she were there or not. Danielle not being in the house didn't change the Bad Girls Club at all for me. I didn't really notice her absence. She wasn't missed.
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