Kristen on Episode 3: Where's the Money Honey?

I didn't think I was going home because without me the other girls would be lost.I was always planning on getting the Bad Girl tattoo, however I wasn't planning on getting it done that night with the other girls but as soon as I saw Cat was getting her tattoo I knew I had to do it right then.

Cat is my girl and that was her first tattoo, so I knew we had to do it at the same time. I got the Bad Girls Club logo in pink and I love it. I'm so happy with my tattoo even if I was a little drunk when I got it.

When I told my mother about the tattoo she was very upset. My mother doesn't like tattoos at all. My mother was and is still upset about me getting the tattoo. When she saw the commercial for this episode she said: "Well I'm not going to be watching the next episode, Krissy."
My mother did cut me off because of getting my tattoo for a little while but she got over it and was paying my bills again. As of now, however, I am financially independent. For the first time in my life I'm paying my own bills. I just bought a Pink Mini Cooper and I paid for it entirely myself. I also moved back to Los Angeles and am paying my rent myself. I love being an adult.

I think that Erica and I might be able to be friends in the future, however I think she is selfish and needs to work on being there for other people. I think that Erica does have a good heart. I just think she needs to stop trying to act bad.

I don't regret getting into a fight with Erica because I had to let her know how I felt about her. I do think I acted crazy. If I was not drunk I wouldn't have exploded like that. I was mad at Danielle because she had nothing to do with the fight and got involved anyways.

When I got in the van I was super drunk and confused.
I didn't think I was going home because without me the other girls would be lost. However I did need a night away with some room service and cable TV and no drama or haters for a night.

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