Kristen on Episode 5: Beach Blanket Bad Girls

We have each other's backs and that is just how it is. When my roommates and I were out at a local bar, a man who we had been talking to earlier became way too playful and assumed that it was ok to put a sex toy in my ear.

However, I am a lady and I don't want anything that is vibrating and meant for a lady's no-no in my ear. After the man had put the sex toy in my ear I slapped him in the face as I think anyone else would have. Then he finished his drink and threw his cup of ice at me. All my roommates chased him out of the bar and we continued to have a good time. I think it was kind of funny and super strange, but I love my roommates for doing that for me. It showed that it's us against the world or at least crazy men at bars.

I think that Kayleigh hangs around the confessional because she is new to the house and thinks that everyone is talking about her.

When I first moved in I felt the same way so I totally understand why she would do it. However, it's a huge problem because the confessional is a private place. I know for me I talk about how I'm feeling when I am in there and I don't want to have to think about someone listening to me talk. I also think that Kayleigh doesn't know who to trust yet, being new and all.

While we were at the beach some girl started a fight with my roommates. I'm not sure how everything started. I think the other girl said something to Cat. We all were pretty heated. We have each other's backs and that is just how it is.

I know that Lea, Cat and myself would do anything for any other girl in the house. I can't say as much for Brandi and Kayleigh. Brandi and Kayleigh didn't do anything. They kind of just stood there. I am not a huge fighter but I'm never going to let anyone put down my roommates or myself and that girl at the beach was looking for a fight. I was disappointed in Kayleigh because she and I were becoming tight and she didn't care at all that her roommates were being hit.

Brandi's crush on Lea really didn't have anything to do with me. I think that Lea may have given Brandi the wrong idea about how she felt but I'm really not sure. I don't think that it's right for Brandi to assume that Lea wants to have sex with her because she gets down with girls. I think the fact they kissed also made Brandi think that there was more then there was between them. Who knows?
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