Episode 1 Recap

When I first met the Season 5 Bad Girls there was a lot running through my mind.  When I first met Brandi, I thought she looked like a sexy stripper.  When I first met Danielle, I thought oh god please don’t be Snookie!  When I first met Kirsten, I thought did the movie Clueless just vomit on her dress?! She looks like a bootleg bimbo Barbie.  When I first met Catya, I was definitely jealous of her body! When I first saw Erica, I wanted to know who did her tattoos so I would never go to that tattoo shop!  Lastly, when I saw Morgan I thought she needed to stay off drugs!

There are many differences between Morgan and I.  First off, Morgan is not even from Miami! She is from Connecticut!  I went to high school in South Beach, and I was raised in Miami.  That makes ME from Miami.  Secondly, I’m real! My hair is real, my nails are real and my tan is real.  Morgan is as real as Kristen's tits.

Going into the Bad Girls house I wanted to be single and do my own thing. I didn’t want to be tied down to a boyfriend the whole time I was living in the house.   

I didn't want to put Morgan's things on the front steps when she wasn’t home because that’s not my style.  I would much rather have put her things out on the steps in front of her face or have watched her carry her own sh*t out the door.  At the end of the day, if Morgan were to stay or leave it wouldn't have affected me at all.
The only girl in the house I know I will develop a strong friendship with is Brandi.  She is my girl.
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