Lea on Episode 2: Check Your Baggage

I was glad Morgan was gone! All she did was b*tch and moan about wanting to leave! So bounce b*tch. Be gone! BUT don't get it twisted. Even though I voted her out, I did not agree with how Brandi Erica and Dani handled it. I had no part in packing Morgan's belongings because they didn't want to do it when she got home and to me that's not "bad girl style". Kristen got jealous that I was having a birthday party and she wasn't. Kristen is jealous period. Look Blondie, it's not our fault your friends don't like you enough to throw you a party. It's not my problem.It was great to receive flowers from Adam. He's amazing and I can always count on him.Brandi was being dramatic about the situation with Erica's date, Jeff.... but Jeff is a sleaze and was using Erica for camera time. So if B wants him out I don't blame her.
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