Lea on The Reunion Part 2

Who's done now b*tch?!When I saw the unseen footage of bimbo and Whorgan touching our stuff all I could think was: wow what p*ssy ass b*tches, try that when I'm home!

I did not start the drama at the reunion I simply finished it. The drama started when the Bimbo and Whorgan were talking sh*t on their twitter accounts and Ustreams. What the viewer does not understand is that there was so much more being said and done prior to the reunion so when I saw them I was done talking and done listening to these broads speak. They just needed to be shut down. The difference between them and myself is that if I talk about it, I'll be about it.

My favorite part about the reunion was seeing bimbo and Whorgan sit there like deer in head lights after they were talking so hard from behind their computer screens. When Kayleigh ripped Bimbo's weave out, I was ecstatic! All I could think was: who's done now b*tch?

My last words to the Bad Girls: Who's done now b*tch?!
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