Episode 1 Recap

It was an interesting experience meeting these girls for the first time. I honestly loved Catya from the minute we got on the boat because she seemed like such a diva! I knew Danielle and I wouldnt click because we are two totally different people. I liked Brandi, however she seemed like too much, too soon. I felt like Erica and Lea were haters, however I did like Lea. Kristen seemed like a crazy, hilarious girl, with a bit too much work done! Im not the hottest girl in Miami, but I am hot! I think I look great in a bikini, and being in one at the beach is what Miami is all about. I didnt want to go out with the girls the first night in the house because the vibe wasnt a good one. I also wasnt feeling well from the minute we stepped off the boat. I was really nauseous and had such bad anxiety! I share a room with Kristen and Catya so we had a chance to bond a lot. I started to really like them over the other girls. Oh yea, theyre also PRETTY! I dont think my guy friends who visited the house were being disrespectful at all. They brought over $700 worth of food for Easter dinner for us! They were being such haters for no reason. My guy friends were being really funny. The girls didnt like them because they didnt like me, period! If they dont like me why would they like my friends who are just like me?! The night I came home and saw my things on the front steps I was trashed! I barely remember what even happened. I know I wasnt happy that they had touched my things, and to be honest I think I was just confused. The post-its I found on the door and my bed are what infuriated me!

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