Morgan on The Reunion Part 2

My last words to the Bad Girls: jealously is ugly, just like all of you!I was not anxious to see any of the Bad Girls at the reunion. I was excited to see Cat & Kristen because we have all kept in touch.

When Perez called me his favorite on the show I wasn't really shocked, the gay community loves me... I think that I was a threat to the girls the whole time so attending the reunion wasn't any different. They made it very obvious how threatened they felt by me, to me!

I would not have wanted to be on the show with any of the new girls. I couldn't care less about being on the show with any of them. They weren't picked as the original cast for a reason. I got to meet Christina and she was super cool but Ashley is straight trash. She definitely fit right in with the other girls in the house ;)

I walked off stage "early" because I had nothing to say to these girls and I didn't want to get in a fight. If we started arguing someone was going to swing and after watching myself the first time it's just not what I want. If that's how they wanted to act, fine! But for me (sober and rational) it's not how I wanted my time on TV with the Bad Girls Club to end. I wanted to look good :) I wouldn't have done anything differently at the reunion. I showed up and looked good. Looking back I wouldn't change a thing except maybe more lip gloss. xo

My favorite thing about the reunion was that my season was over and I got to be there, looking great with Cat and Kristen. Ohhhh, and seeing now how stupid Lea looks, how Kristen ragged Erica's ass, and I forgot Danielle even existed so I was glad to see she's surviving. Last I heard she had no money to eat, ie. The Bagel Incident.

My last words to the Bad Girls: jealously is ugly, just like all of you!

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