Ashley on Episode 3: Pool Charks

I'm a Bad Girl, because I do what I want to do regardless of what other people think about me. I'm very confident in myself, and I don't live to impress others. I live my life with no limitations and don't get caught up in my feelings. I have that ‘badb*tch’ mentality!

When I first saw Char, I thought that she seemed really nice in sort of a fake way. I thought that Lauren seemed like the sweet southern bell. Kori seemed like the typical fake blonde girl with the fake boobs and lip injections. Jessica seemed like she had some chiquita in her and she seemed spicy. Sydney seemed funky and really laid back, and I liked her. Nikki’s appearance caught me at first glance. She seemed like a tomboy but very outgoing and easy to talk to, and we actually had good conversations.

Stepping into the Bad Girls house after everyone else was a little nerve-wracking, but nothing a shot can’t cure! I'm a strong girl and nothing really intimidates me. I wanted to prove myself only if I had to. I didn't come into the house thinking I had to. I didn’t have the mentality to come in and run the house...I came there for the experience and to test myself.

I think that we had been drinking and my friends were really trying to support me and show that I was the baddest b*#$ in the house. And once Nikki had come into the house being rude, it was only a matter of minutes until we bumped heads. And after Nikki started, all the other roommates jumped on her side because I was just the "new girl."

Lauren and I started fighting after I overheard her saying she had nikki’s back, right after Nikki had just pressed charges on all of them and I never did anything to her. I don’t regret that fight because I was purely sticking up for myself.

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