Ashley on Episode 4: From Ashes to Clashes

People like her don't even exist in my world.I wasn’t afraid to walk into the house after the fight because I deserved a right to be there just like anyone else that was involved. My friends didn’t start that drama. The drama started when Nikki asked me why I had people over at 2 am and why was there so many. Then Lauren added her 2 cents in and after that it escaladed downhill. People make it seem like my friends started that fight, but when the girls walked into the house they all introduced themselves and just sat there. If my friends weren’t there that fight would’ve still went down except the girls would’ve probably tried to all gang up on me at once. My friends were there just to have my back like ANY friends would. I was ready to go back into the house and show that there’s more to me because before the fight I didn’t really get a chance to show my real side.

I didn’t apologize on behalf of my friends because my friends didn’t start that fight. Leading up to the fight they gave me their opinion on the house and what not but ultimately the fight was with me and Nikki and then Lauren jumped in then and then Kori jumped in. My friends didn’t fight any of the girls, I did. Did my friends have my back? YES. The girls in the house had each other’s backs and my friends had mine. If they want to be mad at that then they need to be mad at themselves for being followers as well. I stood against that house alone because my friends didn’t live there and I still went back in that house now that’s a BAD B*TCH!

When I saw my stuff outside it was sort of amusing. That’s all that Char does and of course the other girls followed minus Jessica and Nikki. I saw what Char did to Nikki’s stuff and of course she doesn’t man up during the fight she decides to throw my stuff out when I leave the house. Kori’s weak that’s why she threw my stuff off the balcony. She’ll do anything Char does like follow the leader. People like her don’t even exist in my world. It’s a one man army over here baby! Survival of the fittest.

Me and Sydney were cool prior to her coming back into the house. When I met her the first night I arrived in the house I got a good vibe from her and she seemed real. And REAL recognizes REAL, so we were good! We just had so much in common that we were almost finishing each other sentences. She had her own confidence and never acted like she was jealous of me. We both understood that we were 2 bad b*tches in different bodies.

Sydney had mentioned a lot that she really wanted to go back home and not deal with all the bullsh*t in the house. That night she didn’t let me know that she was leaving, but I wasn’t too surprised when she wasn’t there in the morning. Every time Sydney talked about going home I tried to convince her to just stick it out with me. I told her that we could make it together but at the end of the day you have to want to stay there to make it in that house.

Sydney was a good friend of mine in the house because she was not a follower and she was real. If you’re a follower then you can’t be real because you’re not speaking for yourself, you’re speaking on behalf of what others think. I tried to click with Kori but she was like a guinea pig for Char and was so insecure I didn’t trust her with any bone in my body.
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