Ashley on Episode 6: Play With It

The night I met the playmates at the club, they entertained me. I never met or partied with any playmates before. From knowing the history of Playboy, I knew they'd be fun, but I didn't know they'd be THAT fun! That was my first time having a five-way kiss and it was CRAZYY!

I liked the new girl, Jennifer, from the jump because she had such a positive attitude coming into the house, and she just wanted to have fun just like me. Her style was similar to mine and we both agreed that we were there to just have fun.

VIDEO: See Jennifer's entrance and her, Ashley's and Kori's Playboy modeling experience!

After receiving a phone call from the casting director, Sam, for Playboy, I was in shock that he was interested in doing a test shoot with me. I had never done a photo shoot to that extent and I had no experience. I was extremely nervous, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that! I was nervous to show my goodies to the world because I never posed nude before. Granted, I am comfortable walking around naked or in a thong and bra, but to be naked and have it being photographed was a totally different story. I decided to do the shoot because my body will not always look like this and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

I stayed clear of all the drama in the house unless it directly involved me. I don't stick my nose in where it doesn't belong. I wasn't there to fight ANYONE else's battles. It’s Bad Girls Club - you need to have your own back, because we can see how that turned out with Kori and Char. Kori jumped in for Char, but she never returned the favor.
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