Char on BGC 6 Reunion

I was excited when I was backstage before the reunion started. I was very anxious and I heard through Twitter and FB a lot of the girls had issues with me. I was ready to hear their bs.

I am not upset that I did not remain friends with Kori, Jessica and Lauren after BGC. They are weak and I'm not going to defend my friendships. We are all guilty of doing and saying hurtful things. We said our peace in the house and no one knew how they would be portrayed on the show. I decided not to apologize to the girls because they were not ready for one. I feel like we all have things to apologize for...I'm not sure why everyone wants one from me. I don't think about Ashley and I don’t have anything against her. I said one thing about that whack ass picture -- everyone's was hideous and we all said that. Not sure why she cared so much about one comment. It’s obvious that I ran the house! If I didn't everyone wouldn't be so mad!!!


I came to the reunion knowing that Jessica and Kori were mad at me. But, I didn't care because we had each other’s numbers and they could have called me before. They wanted that drama and I don't respect that! I didn’t think things will blow over between us. I'm over the drama and yelling. If people can't talk to me in a civilized manor, I am not talking. I'm here and ready to listen when they mature.

I wasn’t surprised when Perez said I ran the house. I think most people know what I did on the show came from a good place. I'm not perfect and I didn't claim to be. I made mistakes too. Perez is a smart man! #teamchar


I knew Sydney would have the guts to get up and hit me because these girls want a name! I'm the CEB, so of course they were coming for me! I didn't care! The sooner the girls realize that I don't think about them and that I am happy, they will move on. They care about me and can't express their feelings.

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