Char on BGC 6 Reunion Part 2

The fight with me and Syd should have been one-on-one. No one should have gotten involved. Now that I see that a few girls tried to jump in that's what my family should do! No one is gonna watch a family member get jumped. The girls are weak for that. Wait your turn. Jealousy is an ugly trait.

I wanted no part in the cake fight. My hair was already messed up. I was ready to fix it. I was over the girls. I like attention, but not that much ;)

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It doesn't bother me to watch video clips of my fight with Lauren and seeing myself cry. Those were tears of anger. In that moment I wanted to kill her. I was angry, but now those girls just don't spark that anger in me anymore. I think that's why they are so mad. I don't acknowledge them. I'm proud of myself for walking away. It was tough but I have no regrets.

I said I never watched Bad Girls Club before, but Perez showed a clip of me listing Bad Girls from previous seasons. The truth is that I was never an avid watcher of BGC -- if anything season 1. I've seen some shows and know the main girls, but I didn't watch it faithfully. When I started the casting process for season 6 I really tried to educate myself. But we moved in the house on the 3rd episode or so of season 5.

I know that previous Bad Girls Amber M and Kristen were at the reunion. Honestly I saw them, but it didn't register. One of them stopped me and said hi and then it clicked. They were polite and nice. Speaking of the other Bad Girls, Jade, Nikki and I still speak and keep in touch regularly.

My appearance schedule is bananas right now! I'm enjoying traveling and meeting the amazing fans of this show. I have t-shirt line with I want to continue being on TV. I love it! Once everything calms down, I'd like to go back to school and get my Masters degree in education.

Final words: I had a blast! Thank you to the fans, Oxygen, Bunnim-Murray and the BGC6 cast. CEB and #teamchar 4ever #BGC6. Good luck to the new girls. It’s a fun and dysfunctional family ;)

VIDEO: Catch a sneak peek of the new girls!
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