Char on Episode 1: It's Hotter In Hollywood

I wanted all the originals there in the end.I was definitely ready to do something fun and amazing in my life. Corporate America can take a lot out of you, with little to no reward for what you do at the end. I wasn't happy, and you need to find a way to be happy in life, no matter what! It was very political, and had I wanted to be in politics. I would have run for President of the United States for god sakes. Life's too short to not be ambitious, step out of your comfort zone and do something with a statement! I thought, why not the Bad Girls Club? I knew I had my degree and my education, no one can take that from me, so I made the decision to start a new chapter in my life

Honestly, Nikki and Jade's fight started so early on in the house, I thought they were acting! I thought, who fights with each other for literally only knowing one another 20 seconds? LOL! I was so confused, and for the first time I thought to myself -- what the hell have I gotten into?!! Once I saw that the girls were just being catty, I thought it was pathetic and quite immature on both their parts. Nikki was very mean to Jade and somewhat annoying, but I felt like Jade should have held her ground more and put Nikki in her place! It's the BGC. Jade should have expected Nikki's actions and been able to shut her down!

Jade was not tough enough for that house and it's unfortunate, because I took a liking to her very quickly! I wanted Jade to stay! I felt like she didn't give it a chance, and she needed to ignore Nikki. It hurt me when Jade left because I didn't get a chance to really know her and I knew all of my roommates were brought into my life for a reason. I felt cheated honestly, and it's weird...I just did not want a new girl. I wanted our cast to be different, and all 7 of us to deal with whatever was tossed our way. I wanted all the originals there in the end.

Nikki did try to test all the girls. At first I thought it was innocent mischievous behavior, and it didn't really bother me, so I didn't care. I have a very tough survivor mentality. Nikki got all of about 1 minute to try and bully me and I quickly put her in her place. I'm a leader by nature and I have been this way my whole life! No one tells me what to do and anyone who knows me, knows that's apparent by the look on my face. Words aren't needed most of the time. I'm just as much as a hard-ass as Nikki. We just show it in different ways.

I saw myself bonding with Jade the most, but that was cut short when I saw how she let Nikki annoy her! Once Jade left I thought Jessica, simply because we were both from Chicago. A very loyal city, that represents very hard and refuses to be weak!

I knew Nikki would bring the immature, petty drama and Sydney would bring the annoying, ungrateful complainer drama! Everyday Sydney was sick and Nikki felt the need to bother people for attention.

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