Char on Episode 11: Don't Hate La Playa

I demanded respect from the girls.

Yes, it was only a matter of time that Nikki and Wilmarie would turn on each other. Nikki is a very hard person to get along with. Nothing is genuine about her, because she doesn’t trust women. She will always back stab you until you gain her trust. Once I figured that out about her, I knew it would be tough for the other girls to ever see those characteristics in her. She would always get the best of them.

My opinion of Nikki and Wilmarie’s relationship was that Wilmarie would never ignore her so I was almost certain that one or the both of them would go home. Neither could walk away because of pride. It was just all so annoying at this point I don’t even really remember much about the petty stuff towards the end.

I made my statement very early on about putting myself out of the drama. I demanded respect from the girls. Did I have to have a few rough nights to get it? Yes, but when it's all said and done, they respected me and that's all I ever wanted. Once they stayed out of my way, we were fine. I didn’t speak to Nikki and Lauren for a very long time in the house because we just didn’t have anything in common and I wanted to have fun. I wanted more good memories than bad and I definitely accomplished that. No regrets and a couple friends ;)

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I didn’t know if Nikki talking to me was genuine or if she was doing it because everyone was annoyed with her. I didn’t trust Nikki at all! She would say something directly to your face and turn around and do the complete opposite. I was done feeding into that game of hers. I felt like she was using me because she needed a strong alliance and I was over that game.

When Nikki confided in me about her feelings towards Lauren I felt a little odd, but then again Nikki's game ended with me week 3. I had figured her out way before she admitted her feelings to me and she's a smart girl. Nikki knew she could no longer pull me into her drama. I had always said that there was something about me that reminded Nikki of someone she cares a lot about in her life, that she doesn’t have a great relationship with. She doesn’t trust women and I knew that she and I could never be friends in the house for that reason. Again, very tough to live in that house and figure 6 women out.

I was done letting Nikki affect my happiness. It didn’t matter if we agreed or not, she wasn’t going to take the experience away from me. We walked in that house on two different levels with different goals. Nikki became honest with me towards the end and I respect and appreciate that about her. She's a smart girl and she knows right from wrong. I think she had a lot of regrets at that point. She had hurt a lot of people and wanted to right her wrongs.

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My favorite part about Mexico was the weather, the beach, food, drinks, and hotel. I love the sun and water. Just being with the girls and being a part of the BGC6 cast. It's an experience I'll never get back again, once in a lifetime. I had great memories.

It was sad to me when Nikki and Wilma fought after Mexico. We had just come from such an amazing place, and the girls were fine in Mexico. I don’t understand why they couldn’t leave it be, but then again the BGC is crazy. I don’t understand much. I was sad to see any of them go that close to the end.

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