Char on Episode 12: Army of One

Nikki and I started talking during this episode. It had taken us this long to be civil with one another. She needed to apologize to me, and until that happened I wasn't going to have anything to do with her. I had given her quite a few chances in the beginning and she burned me. Wasn't gonna happen again. Her apology was sincere so I was ready to move forward.

I think Nikki did what she wanted to do and so did I, BUT I ran that house. We are both leaders. The leadership quality is in our blood. We march to the beat of our own drummer and we want to be happy in life.

The other girls didn’t approve that I was talking to Nikki. They grew very territorial of me. They are just jealous-hearted of one another or whoever I gave my attention to. It’s their personal issue not mine. I'm not really sure why. Most of the girls had no personality of their own or opinion. It seems like wherever the camera and the action was, you see them standing around doing nothing. It’s like stand for something!!! If you don't, you'll fall for anything. And that pretty much sums up the minions.


Lauren not talking to Nikki doesn't surprise me. Nikki was Lauren's only hope after our argument. No one wanted to deal with her or Nikki. She was forced to befriend Nikki, and that was a recipe for disaster. Their friendship started out of desperation. Nikki was very annoying. Nobody could take her for that long and the minions fell right into her game.

As I've said before, I don't like fighting -- especially when you are drunk! It’s ugly and I don't like to be around it. You have to get to an age where you don't feel the urge to put your hands on people. Fighting someone does not prove you're a BG. It just shows you don't know how to express your feelings. Of course if you are attacked you need to defend yourself. Regardless of how annoying Nikki was, she did not deserve to get beat up.

After witnessing the fight between Nikki and Wilmarie, I felt they both should go! They were the only negative energy left at that point and it was weighing on the house. Everyone wanted to finish strong and somehow reflect on our actions and leave the house stronger, wiser and better than we walked in. I know for certain I did and I hope all of the other girls did too.


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