Char on Episode 13: Only The Bad Remain

Oh yes I knew I would get emotional on BGC! I'm an emotional person. I had an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I grew so much and had more fun and excitement that I can’t put into words. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Fun times!

Hmm…who will I miss the most in the house? Well, I think I will miss the relationship that I had with Jessica the most while we were in the house. So much gets twisted and said after the show. People that were not even involved tend to get involved and words and actions get twisted. You just have to be smart and strong enough to deal with everyone's thoughts and opinions. You have to go with what you know, your heart, and not what everyone says… Clearly Jessica isn't strong enough now. I don't need a fair-weathered friend. 

I am very grateful to have left the house with Jade and Nikki as two of my good friends. We have two-hour long conversations at times, and it’s the best Bad Girls therapy!!! It has definitely been baby steps for Nikki and me, but I think we're there. Those two will definitely be at my wedding! In time, maybe the others will stop with the drama and move on from our Bad Girl experiences in the house. One thing will never change and that's the original five of a G6!!

No I don’t wish that Nikki and I were friends earlier on. I don't want to change anything about my relationship with Nikki in the house. Everything happens for a reason and we were at such a low point that there wasn’t anything we could have done. I'm working on being a better friend. Nikki and Jade are helping me with that in many ways that they'll never know. I'm very happy ;)


I was excited to do a professional photo shoot with the original seven girls because I've never done one before. I was excited to see Jade, but Sydney didn't really cross my mind because I didn't really know her in the house. I liked Jade very quickly as you see in the first episode and never wanted her to go home.


There really isn’t anything new to look forward to in the reunion about myself. I'm not brand new. I don't need a reunion to make a name for myself or say things I should have said in the house. I'm the C.E.B. for a reason! I woke up everyday and did what I wanted to do! I left the house with no regrets and the reunion will be the same way! For those that have been my fans from the beginning you won't be surprised or disappointed. But, for those that have grown to love me, I told you so and for those that hate me, thank you for keeping me motivated.


Some words of advice for next seasons Bad Girls…you've become a part of a prestigious club, so welcome ladies! My advice is to laugh more than you cry and smile more than you frown. Do you everyday and as long as it makes you happy that's all that matters. The experience goes by so fast, so live it up and leave with no regrets. Good luck ladies and un-like some past BG's, there is nothing but love from #TeamChar and I'm here for you to vent about whatever, but remember who the C.E.B is! xoxoxo

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