Char on Episode 2: Broverload

I just knew that the BGC house was going to be very difficult from the moment Jade left. If someone could leave so early on, I knew there would be more to follow. I think we were really weary of a new girl and some of us wished Jade had stayed. There were quite a bit of emotions on top of just moving into such a dynamic situation. ??

After Nikki caused Kori’s had to get cut in the limo door, I knew Nikki would not be someone I'd be able to grow close to! I mean she snatched my purse from Kori -- who was just trying to help -- in turn, slicing her hand open. In the moment she should have acted like a compassionate human being! I mean if you saw a bum on the street bleeding like the way Kori was, you'd stop!! I thought she was trash and was really messed up in the head that she couldn't even humble herself to just say "I’M SORRY. Are you ok? It was an accident." Bad Girl or not, wrong is wrong! She was irrelevant in my eyes from that point on.??

As much as people screamed Kori was fake, so was Nikki. Everything she does in the house is for show. She didn't deserve to be there. She thought everything was truly a game. It’s a reality show, not a game show b*tch. She also took no responsibility for her actions and her immature stupidity. I couldn't respect that. She hid a few of my belongings in the kitchen cabinets and that's just immature. I quickly let her know, “Don't touch my sh*t! I'm not Jade. I will put you in your place and guess what b*tch? I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!”? ?

When she refused to leave I just made it very clear I don’t play with children, so find one of these other girls to play with. She needed to respect my space, belongings and feelings. I wanted nothing to do with her until I received a sincere apology, which I didn't hold my breath for. I knew Nikki and I would not be enjoying this experience as friends. I didn't care that she stayed as long as she respected the way I felt and steered clear of me! I was in the house on a journey for me and she wasn't going to ruin that!
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