Char on Episode 5: Kentucky Fried and Char Broiled

I did show sympathy towards Sydney for a few days, but like I said before, everyday it was something new!You can only listen and give advice for so long. She was looking for a way out and I was tired of hearing the whining and complaining. I made that clear to her. I think this is when Syd started to play the whole "Char is trying to run the house" card, when really it was me just telling her how I felt and not saying it behind her back. I'm not gonna act like I care if she went or stayed and I don't think she liked that. Being in the BGC was an accomplishment for me, and when it seemed like it was an "option" for her, I lost respect for Sydney.

The first time we ran into Natalie, Nikki made it seem like she was starting a mess in our VIP booth, but her story changed the next morning and she said Nat was nice, so that was the beginning of me not defending the girls in public anymore. Where it seems like I'm being rude to her, I was actually trying to help my roommates. I'd always said no one messes with my roommates in public and it didn't matter if it was Natalie or a girl off the street. I didn't want to party with her or any other girls for that matter. I hated it when girls would come around us and try and free load. I always felt like it was season 6 and it’s our show not any else’s. Intimidated? Never. I think that's why a lot of people don't agree with my personality. I'm a very confident and strong person. I love me A LOT and I won't apologize for who I am and how I feel. No one intimidates me. I never really watched her season, so it wasn't anything personal against Natalie. I didn't know her. I would have done the exact same thing had it been another prior BG. A lot of the girls came in having favorites and naming names, some of which I had no idea who they were. I felt that since I had made the club, they haven't done anything I can't do!

The girls did a lot of child-like things, from coloring in coloring books to cutting and pasting. Nikki pulled pranks all day. I felt like I was in kindergarten. I do feel like Jessica and Kori were mentally more mature. Jessica and I have similar backgrounds and Kori was looking for a family. I have a very strong family so we provided maturity for each other in different aspects of our lives.

Kori and I were very close. We definitely loved clothes, make up, shopping, having fun (oh, and clipping in our extensions together, lol!). Kori was her own person and didn't apologize for being herself. I liked that about her. Kori made it clear very early on that she came in the house for a family and I respected and loved that about her. She came in the house to change something about her, as did I. It wasn't a game for her and I appreciated that. When she told me about her family history so early on I knew she had a lot of respect for me. I also come from a strong tough love family, and I wanted to be one of the girls at the end who became an extended family for Kori. She definitely deserved that and wanted it.

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I was actually upset with Kori for letting Lauren get under her skin. A few weeks prior, Lauren had done the same thing with Nikki for me. I hated it when the other girls would try to fight my battles and I’ve always made that clear. I just think they respected me a lot, which is cool, but clearly I could handle it myself. It’s easier to say Kori did it for me, but truth be told I think Kori and Lauren were already mad at each other. When I decided to approach Lauren, I think Kori also wanted to let out her frustrations out so it wasn't really "for me". She and I had been talking to each other that night about how when Lauren gets liquor in her system, she talks a lot of crap under her breath and it’s annoying! I didn't want Kori to go home for fighting and especially not my battle. I told Kori to stop, but again, I think she was already frustrated about her own issues with Lauren. Kori wasn't gonna stop. I walked away because Lauren isn't on my level and I wasn't gonna get caught up in a petty fight and go home. That's the difference between me and Kori. I know how to control myself and walk away and Kori is use to hitting to get her point across. Lauren puts her hands on people a lot when she's drunk. That pushing crap is annoying. Kori did what she needed to do for herself.

You know we all say hurtful things about one another in the house at some point in time, like I did about Lauren’s accent and weight. Mature, no, but when drunk and annoyed, very comical! Lauren talks a lot of sh*t and you can't get away with it all the time. Eventually, people are gonna talk sh*t back. She needs to learn how to shut her mouth when she's uber drunk! She's annoying.

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