Char on Episode 8: Weak Sauce

I thought it was silly when Kori and Ashley started fighting from the beginning and I tried to defuse the fight between them in the limo and in the house. Once they started I couldn't stop them and quite frankly I was tired of being the voice of reason. They don't listen and look where it got them. I mean, why would they want "grandma" involved?

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I didn’t take any sides and I wasn't close to Ashley so I didn't care that she left. Kori was starting to be two-faced. One minute she would talk bad about Lauren and Nikki and the next was in their face. I don't like when people do that. I always wonder what she was saying about me when I wasn't around.

When Jennifer said the Bad Girls isn’t her family, it was her opinion and I respected that, but she also should respect how we felt and not made a big deal out of it. I knew she wasn't going to last after that. I think Kori was more hurt when Jennifer said that but I honestly didn't care what Jen thought. I wasn't close to her and never wanted to be. She is not someone I would want to be around. She's orange for gosh sakes!!

My initial impression of Wilmarie was that she seemed so sweet and looked a lot younger than 27. I was open-minded to the new girl coming. At first I did not know how mature Wilmarie was. I think she respected me and had her own opinion. She did her thing and I did mine. I wasn't really close to her either. I mean at this point the lines were drawn. I was over the other girls and was really ready to have fun!

I was done defending anyone anymore when Jennifer was arguing with Wilmarie! I made that very clear! The girls talk sh*t and expect me to defend them. No! It doesn't work that way! Choose your battles and finish them. I was over the petty fights and I did not even like Jennifer like that. Why would I step in?


I was never Jennifer’s friend. She and I never held a conversation alone for more than ten minutes in that house. Jessica was the only person I cared about in the BGC house and who I thought was a friend.

Nikki and Lauren were never a threat to me! I knew I wasn't leaving that house early and especially because of dumb and dumber. I didn't focus on them any more and they really didn't exist to me.

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