Char on Episode 9: Power Trippin

Jen was sweet, wild and crazy. She knew and understood that she needed to come in with a bang to be remembered on the BGC6 cast. I didn't expect Jen to leave the house because of Nikki, Wilmarie, and Lauren. I didn't think it was that serious. She was ready to go anyway. She should have just done it on her own time. Now she just looks like a quitter.

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Jen wasn't someone I cared about. As I stated in the last episode I stopped defending the girls week 3. Jen talked a good game, now it was time for her to be a boss and back it up. I didn't really hang out with her or talk to her, why would I defend her?

Dumb and Dumber (aka Nikki and Lauren) were actually pretty chill before Wilma came. I actually think they started to follow her. She gave Nikki more "bully confidence" and Lauren remained a follower as she just rolled with whatever they did.

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Is there a future friendship for me and Jen? Hahahaha! Friendship, don't know about that???? BUT there is always room for more minions on #TeamChar as long as she understands who's the C.E.B!

It was crazy when my sister told me about the information leaked about me online. Honestly, I thought "cooool" people care that much about me. I'm just a normal girl. I was actually more afraid of being kicked off BGC, due to my name being out there as a cast member of BGC6.

Things didn’t work out with me and Eric. It was ONE a date, and you move on if the chemistry isn't there. I decided to no longer talk to him. He was cheap and I quickly saw through him. Unfortunately he was there for the camera time. I don't know if my question about marriage scared him, but it’s an honest question. I say what I feel all the time. I’m not gonna bite my tongue for fear that someone will be scared. It was pretty cool to go on my first date during my time in the Bad Girls house. I went to LA to potentially find love but most importantly to have fun. At least I tried my hand at both and left with a lot of great memories.

It takes a lot to date a Bad Girl. It takes understanding and a centered man. I need to be refined but also feel protected and truly loved. He has to possess the ability to provide constructive criticism without coming off has being judgmental!

Here are some BGC dating tips. Well I've learned...
*Have a few cocktails to take the edge off...I'm a nervous dater!
*Let the other person speak.
*Go in with an open mind.
*Have your own $ just in case he acts a fool.
*Have FUN!!!!!

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