BGC 6 Soundtrack: Episode 11

Don't Hate La Playa sent our Bad Girls off to Mexico for a little fun. But it wouldn't be a Bad Girls trip without a little drama, right? Wilma and Nikki started the episode off with a fight and ended it the same way. These two clearly have not made peace yet. Two people who have, though, are Nikki and Char! The frenemies decided to keep it civil from now on in the house. Since they are both leaders, they respect each other. Who do you think has really run this season - Nikki or Char? Can't wait to see if this friendship lasts.

PHOTOS: See what went down in Mexico when the Bad Girls Club arrived!

PHOTOS: Celebrate the 100th episode of BGC with a look back at the sexiest Bad Girls!

Check out the music featured in this episode and watch the video below to see what happened when the girls took a little snorkeling adventure:

21 Century Girl - “In Hollywood”

Home Stella Project - “Aeroplane”

Kanary Diamonds - “Came To Play”

Call The Cops - “Get Close”

Kelly Harper - “Little Miss Dirty”

The Trampolines - “Letter”

Jackie Boyz - “Go!”

Jon Doe - “Reverie”

The Kids Are Radioactive - “Binary Antwon”

Chad Perrone - “At The Ruins”

Darling Thieves - “She Remains”

Leila - “To The Top”

The Rosettas - “The Other Side”

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