BGC 6 Soundtrack: Episode 13

And so another season of BGC comes to an end. Only The Bad Remain proved that the original 5, while not best friends, have a respect for one another. They lasted the whole time and watched many a replacement walk out the front door. Who was your favorite Bad Girl this season?

The original 5 plus all the other girls from this season will be featured on our 2-part reunion starting next Monday, May 2 at 9 PM EST/PST. Perez Hilton is back as our host of ceremonies and we have a feeling things might get a little crazy with the girls and Char. Check out an exclusive sneak peek photo gallery of the reunion here.

Check out the music that followed our girls out of the BGC mansion:

Tag Team – “Pack My Bags”

Kadre – “Holding Onto Water”

The Stella Project – “Beautiful”

Kimberly Cole – “Get Stupid”

The Stella Project – “Down In Flames”

Go Periscope – “Breathe Deception”

Alex & Sam – “The One”

Roge’ – “Together”

The Blue Pages – “Fight For You”

Eric Alexandrakis – “I’m Glad To Be Here”

Here's an exclusive video of the first part of the BGC 6 as the minions attack!
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