BGC 6 Soundtrack: Episode 4

Can you believe what happened on this week's Bad Girls Club?? Sydney returned to the house after dealing with family issues only to leave AGAIN when the girls were in San Francisco.

"From Ashes to Clashes" was one of the most dramatic episodes we've seen this season. What did you guys think of Sydney leaving?

Next week, the infamous Natalie Nunn makes an appearance and Kimberly Cole rocks out 2 live performances on OxygenLive. Kimberly Cole is also one of our featured artists this week. Check out the rest of the soundtrack to Episode 4 of Bad Girls Club:

“Bad Girls Club Theme 2” by PJ Bianco

Kimberly Cole – “Getaway”

Trillogy – “Party Tonight”

Vices I Admire – “Sweetest Girl”

Killola – “San Fernando Rose

Lacey Mason – “Let You Go”

Manic Bloom – “In Loving Memory”

Room For Gray – “Make A Play”

Kimberly Cole – “Peep Show”

The Monster Goes Rawrr – “Better On The Dance Floor”

Trillogy – “Never Be Lonely”

Stimulator – “Fame Is Lame”

A photo gallery of this episode can be seen here. And keep up with what the rest of the house thought about Sydney's sudden exit here.
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