BGC 6 Soundtrack: Episode 6

Play With It! And ROTATE! Everyone knows Char's signature motto by now. But not everyone in the house seems to be living by it.

In the latest episode of Bad Girls Club the new girl, Jennifer from Jersey, came and made her presence known right away. Whether it was punching out Nikki's picture or posing for Playboy, this Bad Girl definitely came to play. Char, for now at least, seems to have gotten Jennifer on her side. But will it last?? Here's a video recap of what went down in "Play With It" including a little music that made the Playboy photo shoot even sexier.

Check out the tracks that also made the cut and were featured in the latest episode of BGC:

“Bad Girls Club Theme 2” by PJ Bianco

Val Emmich – “Change of Scenery”

Kimberly Cole – “Three Way”

Lacey Mason – “You Won’t Get Me”

Killola – “The Doctor and His Son”

Vices I Admire – “Sweetest Girl”

The Happy Problem – “Crying Shame”

Kimberly Cole – “Peep Show”

Kimberly Cole – “Robot”

Darling Thieves – “The Final”

LA Proper – “Champion”

Want to learn more about Jen? Check out her bio and what she had to say about coming into the BGC in her first blog. Also see what went down when Nikki and Lauren continued to play pranks on Char, the Chief Executive Bitch herself, in this bonus act.

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