Whos Winning the Bad Girls Battle??

While we await next week’s episode of Bad Girls Club, it seems like the girls themselves aren’t waiting for anyone. Take one look at their Twitter pages and it seems like they are ready for the reunion now! Every girl wants her fans to know what’s really going down. I took a quick scan of the online playing field and there’s a lot going on. Now it’s up to you guys to decide whose team you’re on.

Lauren, or @kentuckyBADGIRL as she’s known online, caught a little bonus footage on our site and said “hahah im watching some bonus video here char is trying to get me and nick to do her dirty work. it didn't make the cut bc it never happened! omg she looks so pleased with herself hahahah I'm dying.”

Here’s what Lauren’s talking about:

Clearly Char has not truly been taught the artistry of being a puppet master. Should @BadGirlBlondie give her a few tips? I’ll have to ask Lauren more about this when she makes her first appearance on this Monday’s OxygenLive Obsessed with Tanisha.

VIDEO: Tanisha talks to Ashley about the fight that caused the newest Bad Girl to spend a night in a hotel

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