Flo On Getting Married

My wedding was the marking of my life, everything I have done led up to this one night and I made myself and everyone else proud to know me! It was a proud time for me in my life and I would never take it back. IM EFFINNNN HAPPPY! I think through all I have been through in life, I finally got what I wanted which was an amazing person to love, honor, and obey. Patriot is the ultimate husband, I wish every woman can have a man like mine one day. Married life with him has been amazing-- he is a supportive person and is there for me at all times!

I always said I would have a traditional Albanian wedding no matter what, even if I married an American man or woman. They would have to be okay with practicing some of my traditions. I am proud of my culture -- I think it’s beautiful the way we do things so I always wanted that for myself, and it's different too. I like to be original!!


I am so excited to be a mother – I can’t wait! I’m not nervous at all because I was put on this earth to be a mother to all and now my kid will have the best mother everrrrrrr. I will be the happiest mother in the world.

When I first realized I was not going to be able to pick out my wedding dress, I was a little confused. However I wouldn’t have worn it if I hated it, so even though I wasn’t supposed to have a say in it, a bad girl always finds a way to make things go exactly how she wants it to. In the end I was happy!

I think I can last living with Patriot’s family, FOR A LIL WHILE, lol! It won’t be long before I’m purchasing my own home. I look at this as an opportunity to save money but the second I am ready to leave, you better believe I'm f**king outta here! So far living here has been hard for me because I like my privacy and I sometimes get a little irritated but I tell myself not much longer Flo, just hang in there!

When Jill gave me my father’s ring, I couldn’t believe she was giving it up. That ring is her pride and joy like her lil baby, but she thought I deserved it. I was so happy about it that I cried all day the next day when I had it, cuz I miss my father and that ring is so him!!

My mother-in-law told me I would have to serve guests at my own wedding and I couldn’t belive it! LOL, me serve people at my reception NOOOO!! It didn’t happen and if I serve anyone it’s my choice -- no one tells me when I have to do it. Albanian tradition has a lot of manners that come with it so I already knew what would be expected from her, and I do what I’m comfortable with and that’s as far as I will go with that. FLO is hard to control and no one will ever change me!


I was livid with the fact that my mom followed tradition of not coming to the wedding. She is supposed to attend the wedding for only an hour, and then leave, but she went really old-fashioned where the bride’s mom doesn’t attend at all. The reason that parents don’t attend in Albanian tradition is because for the bride’s parents, it is not a happy occasion to GIVE their daughter away. It is a blessing for the the groom, a gain for his family, they gain a “Nuse” (a nuse is a bride). They gain me and my family loses me, so for the bride’s side it’s a sad day like they’re losing their daughter, and the groom and his family gains one. I am not mad at my mom, I just wish she was there to see me all night and be proud but it would have been harder for her to be there then to not be there!!

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