Jade on Episode 1: It's Hotter In Hollywood

Me? I don’t play games. I’M REAL.
I’m Jade 21 living in LA by myself since the age of 18, going to college. I’m beautiful inside and out. People love to be around me. I speak my mind and I hold my own. When guys notice me they say damnnnnnn she’s BAD :)

Honestly, if I met Nikki while I was sober I feel like we wouldn’t be the best of friends. It was clear that she wanted to divide the house. For what reason? Hmmm I don’t know. She wanted to start a fight with someone and it so happens to be me -- which is fine. I can hold my own. I don’t need a group to stand behind me, as you all can see. But in reality what happened, happened and I really don’t have time to focus so much on this issue. It’s petty and I rather focus on me becoming a better person than worrying about if we would be friends or not. She played the game well and got into it with a lot of people. Me? I don’t play games. I’M REAL and I guess you don’t find a lot of realness in that house.


Don’t get it twisted. Nikki had nothing to do with me leaving the house. Yes we got into it a of couple times but that is it. I realized that the Bad Girls house wouldn’t make me a better person and I was trying to better myself and get something good out of this show. Also, I live 20 minutes away near the beautiful beach in a drama-free home by myself. I don’t have time to deal with girls trying to make teams, act an ass, show out, be fake, and not keep it real!

I enjoy living a fabulous peaceful lifestyle! I realized that I had to go before something really bad ended up happening. I was soo drunk who knows what I could have done. I don’t think you would want to see my face on “Snapped” for attacking a female because I’m soooo stressed and drunk as hell. I’m a fun, happy, wild, peaceful woman that enjoys life and not drama but if you bring it my way, I will handle it.


If I could have done anything differently from my Bad Girls Club experience I would definitely not go in that house drunk again. But hey it’s the Bad Girls Club not the let’s all bake cupcakes club. I went in the house looking like a drunk crazy Barbie and left looking like a sober diva. Hahhahahaha!!!!!!!

PS -- Those girls don’t know the true Jade. I wasn’t in that house long enough for anyone to get to know me which is sad!!! But in reality, I was born to shine!! I know GOD has something in store for me. I thank Oxygen for believing in me and making me a part of BGC6!!!!!!! Until then rock stars rock out and be on the look out!!!!!!

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