Jen on BGC 6 Reunion

When Perez gave me a bottle of weak sauce I took it as a compliment. Receiving the weak sauce was a minute more to shine on me. I was surprised I received the weak sauce after hearing how Perez spoke to Jade but again I took the weak sauce loud and proud. I completely laughed it off and I took it as my own personal trophy. It didn't change the fact that I am still the classy Jersey Princess.

I was feeling very anxious backstage. I was beyond ready to handle the unfinished business, especially with Nikki since I had a little surprise for her. Nikki sent me two letters apologizing for what she did in the house after taping was over. I will never trust Nikki or consider Nikki my friend. It took me a while to decide if I should write back to Nikki because I didn't believe her. She pulled the bipolar bullsh*t while in the Bad Girls Club house. I didn't know why she was sorry now. I thought it was a joke that she actually took the time to reach out to me on BOTH my Facebook pages and apologize for everything that went down in the house. In the house she liked me, then hated me, liked me, then hated me -- so she couldn't decide which she wanted to stick with. She just realized too late that her "game" wasn't all that worth it. I still say she wanted a piece of me with some Jessica on the side.

I am the Jersey Princess. Of course I am classy. My name defines classy. A princess only portrays classy ways. I was able to get wild and have fun but still have class. Not everyone can be like that, sorry. I am a trademark for all the crazy things I started like hitting things with a top off. I am pretty sure Wilma followed in my footsteps for doing the same when she hit Nikki topless.
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