Jen on Episode 7: Beat Down Barbie

Char decided to stay and hide on the phone instead of handling the situation like a grown woman. It was a lot of fun being on loveline with Dr. Drew there were a ton of outrageous questions that I couldn't believe people were asking but I have no shame and I answered those kinky questions with truth.

All my friends throughout the years have always come to me for advice so I really enjoyed giving my great advice on relationships and most certainly the bedroom!

I wasn't upset with Kori for starting to talk to Nikki and Lauren. I was confused because I thought she was pissed off at them but she is her own person and can do whatever she wants.

I think Nikki hooking up with a guy while Char was in the room was whatever. If you want to get some, then get it girl. Char might be 28-years-old but she needed to stay and get an updated lesson on how to get down-and-dirty with a guy.

Char's thoughts: "Oh now I remember how it should be done."

I am not sure what caused the growing tension between Ashley and Kori but I do know that the cause of their fighthad to do with Char's actions. That is why Jessica and I call for Char to come face her own battle for once. If Char is so mature then she should have shown off her maturity and handled the situation like the grown woman she claims to be, but she decided to stay and hide on the phone – all the while, wishing we were calling her name because we look up to her. HAHAHA please don't make me laugh.

I never wanted to see either of the girls hurt or have to leave because I genuinely liked Kori and Ashley a lot.

VIDEO: What would of happened if Char was there?

I am very curious to know how it would have ended if Char had stayed around and faced her own battle instead of always running away.

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