Jen on Episode 9: Power Trippin

No one pushed me out of the house. The fact that Nikki had the nerve to touch my stuff was funny to me because she called the cops on the girls when they threw her stuff in the pool, sounds like a contradicted move to me. It was nice of Man, Flintstones, and Statue to assist me with packing. Trash bags were better than the pool so I was fine with it. They were the ones doing all the work for me while I stood there overseeing that my stuff wasn't destroyed and nothing was left behind. I don't wish to have changed anything that happened during my stay in the Bad Girls Club I was 100% REAL and what you saw was me. I wasn't acting or putting up a front for the camera.

VIDEO: Check out this clip of Nikki, Lauren, and Wilmarie attempting to get Jennifer out of the house!

I did push Nikki back after she started with me. Nikki had instructions on what to do like if she was in a football game and doing a certain play. Nikki followed through with the instructions proving she doesn't have a mind of her own. I was the only b*tch that walked through those doors classy and walked out of them still classy. I wasn't going to allow anyone to break me. I have too much self-control and tolerance for pointless drama to allow myself to get stupid and start fighting which a classy girl would never do.

I know I didn't become a different person in the house because again I wasn't going to allow anyone to break me. I didn't learn anything but I was reassured that I love who I am. I’m real, classy, confident Jennifer and that is the way I am staying.

I will keep in touch with Jessica, Ashley, and Kori. I love those b*tches. They are my girls! Girls don't be stupid and trust certain people because you never know when a b*tch might turn on you. Be real! If you're a Bad Girl there should not be one ounce of fake in you. Fans I hope you are watching the show with your eyes and not your ass because if you watch closely you will see the truth. Don't be fooled by the bullsh*t. Continue to follow me on twitter @JbgJersey and on Facebook Jennifer Buonagurio as this is not the last time you will hear and see the Jersey Princess.

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I want to be remembered for the crazy, loud, booty shakin, phone whore, classy b*tch that I am. I brought a different light into the house and I put a stamp on the Bad Girls Club Jersey Princess style.
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