Jennifer on Episode 6: Play With It

It feels AMAZING to be the new girl in the Bad Girls Club house. I am so excited to be here and I am ready to party and get to know these girls. My initial thoughts before going into the house were the girls were going to give me a lot of sh*t for being a replacement. I thought the girls were going to be very nasty and leave me out of everything. Since I thought the girls weren't going to be nice to me I set myself up for the worst and was 100% ready to walk into the Bad Girls Club house. I am looking forward to gaining an entirely new and different experience. From past experiences with roommates it never worked out well. I hope this time around living with six other girls it's a better ride. I want to have a lot of fun with the girls in the house and if I really connect with any of the girls I hope to form new friendships.

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Playboy is definitely one of my goals and I do think posing for the test photo shoot was an opportunity to achieve that goal. I feel this way because it is important to put yourself out there with whatever your goal might be and in this situation the test photo shoot was an ideal opportunity that I couldn't pass up. I want to be a part of Playboy because I feel that Playboy is an incredible opportunity that empowers women. Playboy is classy and tasteful and that is everything I am. Playboy puts intelligent, gorgeous, confident women on a pedestal of true beauty and I admire Hugh Hefner for putting together this masterpiece, Playboy.

I did start with Lauren and Nikki because they did do something to me. Yes, Lauren and Nikki were nice to me at first but I got to know their true colors very fast. Neither Nikki nor Lauren had anything positive to say about the other 5 girls the entire way to Sushi Dan especially Lauren. So instead of Nikki and Lauren really getting to know me, I felt Lauren in particular opted to talk sh*t about the other girls. Lauren wouldn't shut up about the other girls and I had a complete open mind to get to know everyone myself and then make my own judgment on everyone. Therefore I didn't feel the need to get to know Lauren because her personality turned me off which lead me to not care for her. I was still interested to get to know Nikki until I found out it was her that hid my ab mat which is extremely childish and she tried to get Kori and I in a fight by telling me what Kori supposedly said at Boudoir which wasn't true at all. I also learned that almost anything Nikki did Lauren was right there helping her or just being her sidekick which seemed like some follower bullsh*t to me. I realized why it was 5 against 2 and I didn't like Nikki or Lauren myself so I wasn't going to form a relationship with girls that I didn't like.

There was 100% a point to punch Nikki's picture because if I were to punch her, there would be the risk of me getting sent home which I didn't want so I thought what a better way than to have her somewhat gone by punching her "lights" out hahaha it still makes me laugh. It was a classic moment and especially since they never replaced her picture it made it that much funnier! If you call that childish well then I am not too sure what adjective you use for all of Nikki's games/pranks she does. I don't think that was childish at all as I said before I thought it was a classic moment.

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I am the real Jersey girl because unlike Nikki I give Jersey a good name and it is because of people like Nikki that Jersey is referred to as "Dirty Jersey." A true Jersey girl has class, is hot and doesn't look like a man in a dress, doesn't act like she is 5 years old when she is actually 21 years old, she can dance and not just fist pump, the list can go on forever. I will give her that she kind of reminds me a little of a Jersey boy but not a real Jersey girl like me.
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