Jessica on Episode 1: It's Hotter In Hollywood

That’s my sh*t so if I bought or brought it leave the motherf*cker alone!The fight between Nikki and Jade was crazy. I mean Nikki took it to a whole different level. I understand if you want to wamp around and woo woo, but touching peoples things is a whole different story! Can’t stand that myself. it’s played out and ignorant.

I remembered my fight with Lauren but she said she didn’t remember anything. It started because I was saying how neat and clean I am and everybody better clean up after themselves. Lauren on the other hand was like negative ghost rider. She was like, you have to clean after me! WOW!!!!!! She was in la la land. LMAO. As far as remembering, I was ripped and I still remembered, but she claims all she does is black out which in my words she was burned up. Cashed money yo’ and just did that.

I was surprised Jade had left so soon. No matter what it’s always better to have an original in the house than a replacement. I think she should have let the ones rotate who talked and just stuck it out for herself. I felt she shorted herself because she worked hard to be there, and to give it up or let it go would be crazy. A big thing about me is when someone starts it, I MUST FINISH IT. My favorite part is seeing the climax :) Well Jade did hold her own through her argument with Nikki, I must say. But the moment someone touches other people’s sh*t (oweeeeee) it’s over. I would have snapped! That’s my sh*t so if I bought or brought it leave the motherf*cker alone!!! That’s my1st rule.

I see myself bonding with Char the most out of all the girls. First off she comes from the same BEST city! REAL ALWAYS RECOGNIZES REAL. Always 100. We both had been through a lot and could relate to each other on many different levels. We both are strong, independent women!

Who do I think will bring the most drama this season? Toss up! I think everybody on our season will bring the drama for whatever there reason. We had a salad a lil of everything, and the dressing was all the sh*t rounded up together. You have the over dramatic, gum bumpers, shit talkers, instigator, nagger, the Bill Nye, you name it we have it.
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