Jessica on Episode 6: Play With It

I got involved between Char and Lauren’s argument because Lauren brought my name into it. That follower sh*t was getting old. I was tired of hearing that just because I kicked it with Char. She’s from my city, so I f*cked with her. Motherf*ckers, act like she called the shots and it wasn’t even like that. If you mention “J” you better have something good to say or come correct point blank yo’. Seeing that Lauren couldn’t stand Nikki or Nikki couldn’t stand her and all a sudden they BFFs! Wow. I ain’t going to hear that follower sh*t!

VIDEO: See the recap of the fight between Lauren, Char, and Jessica!

Jennifer, aka “Jbun”, came in the house and the first thing I noticed was a look in her eyes that she was so happy and thankful to be here. I could tell she was two things I was going to LOVE off the bat. First, she’s Italian and I’m Sicilian (aye yo’ knew that be a “banger”) Second, she’s loud/wild. Third, she looks like she enjoyed partying! Of course we got along. Come on’, haha. I was the only one she considered fam out the entire house.

The side sh*t is over-rated. I rode with Char because she was from the same city (the best city) and I felt we kicked it good together. Second, to everybody wolfin’ saying they didn’t chill or woo woo with her are lying them damn selves cause they did! Third, CHAR DIDN'T RUN IT!! Fourth, if that’s all you got on Kori and I is that we followed her, just because we three all chilled together because no one wanted to be around Nikki. I have my own side and my own movements. Everyone wants to talk about sides and bumping their gums, but they all came this way at the end sometime! HA, GO FIGURE "PANCAKES".

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