Kori on Episode 2: Broverload

I was very upset when Nikki cut my hand because her sarcasm is too much. She kept saying, “oh ya I didn’t do it on purpose Kori“. By her telling me that over and over again, it made me really feel like she did do it on purpose. She had no reason to be mad at Char and throw her purse out. Char was just trying to tell Nikki to chill out and stop trying to fight everyone at the club. So for her to throw Char's clutch out of my hand and cut it, was out of line. Nikki did not apologize to me when I was in the limo bleeding. She was laughing at everything and it really hurt my feelings. I didn’t deserve to get cut. I was just trying to do the right thing and retrieve Char’s clutch back after someone had stole it. ???

When I went to the hospital my hand would NOT stop bleeding. The nurse kept trying to apply pressure to it and it would not stop. The nurse tried to glue my wound up but it was too deep. I had to get stitches. By the way the needle that numbed my hand hurt like a b*tch!!! I ended up getting around 4 stitches. I was very happy the way I handled it. Yes I cried, but it really hurt. It was a deep cut and it really hurt and must have hit a nerve because it would not stop bleeding. ??

I wanted Nikki out of the house because after I returned to the house after the hospital I still did not get a sorry from Nikki. It’s almost as Nikki wanted to keep talking sh*t to me for no apparent reason. I also found out that Nikki told Sydney’s boyfriend Bennie that she sucked another dude off. First off it’s none of Nikki’s business what to tell and not tell Sydney’s boyfriend. Nikki was way out of line and she needed to get the hell out of the house. Also hiding Char’s things under her mattress? Stupid Nikki. Nikki is immature and needed to go home.

When Nikki refused to leave the house it was very annoying. She wanted to get under all of our skin but she’s not. She was just annoying to us and we were just going to ignore her if she stayed.
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