Kori on Episode 3: Pool Charks

Ashley didn't even want to get to know everyone in the house at first. My first impression of Ashley was, "She's a wannabe Kim Kardashian." She came into this house acting like her sh*t don't stink, when it did. Ashley thinks looks are everything. They’re not. She's a scallywag run-down b*tch from the middle of nowhere. Ashley didn't even want to get to know everyone in the house at first. She wanted to hang with Nikki. Well b*tch, you’re in for a treat because no one likes Nikki.

I think Nikki deserved it when we all ganged up on her because she didn't do as we told—to get out! She cut my finger, she told Sydney's boyfriend about her and the other dude hooking up, she hid char's sh*t, and she got on Lauren's *ss for no reason!! Nikki is CRAZY and she acts like she's 12 years old. This isn't the flipping Bad Kids Club! I had a part in throwing Nikki's stuff in the pool and it felt GREAT! B*tch wants to cut my finger and not apologize well, Nikki, karma’s a B*TCH and it came back and bit you in the *ss!

When Sydney first told me about her uncle being hurt, I was shocked! I wasn't sure if she was being honest or not. I thought it was a copout at first. When I finally found out her uncle was really hurt, I felt horrible! Sydney and I were close, very close. I was devastated that she actually was packing her stuff and leaving. She had to go take care of family and I understood ONCE I got the full story. I wish her the best of luck and I’ll always be here for her. :)

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