Kori on Episode 4: From Ashes to Clashes

Char wanted Ashley to bow down to her.Char shouldn't have demanded an apology from Ashley because Char wasn't even downstairs when Ashley's friends got all crazy. She was upstairs and had no idea what was going on. I was more entitled to an apology from Ashley because she came at me for no reason. All I did was run into the kitchen to see what all the yelling was about and I get my hair ripped out by Ashley for no reason. Char just wanted an apology because she wanted Ashley to bow down to her. She was so upset and insecure that Ashley was so much prettier than her that Char felt an apology would boost her own self-esteem. It was quite pathetic of Char but Ashley did eventually apologize to me about hitting me in the head and pulling my hair. I really appreciated that from her.

The best part of going to San Francisco was getting out of the damn house! It was so nice to have a change. I personally had so much fun. I relaxed and went shopping. Sailing was great and it was very cold!! It was very cool to steer the boat. I felt less tension of course but I didn't know what would happen next in the Bad Girls Club. I knew something or some type of drama would occur and of course it was because of Nikki.

I wasn’t sure at that point what was going on. I woke up in San Fran and Sydney was gone again. I don’t understand why she wouldn't tell me what was going on with her. Everything happens for a reason and if Sydney had to go home again she had to do it. I trusted Jessica the most at this point. She listened to me and she understood me. She hadn't done anything to upset me or make me upset so I trust Jessica.
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