Lauren on Episode 4: From Ashes to Clashes

In a way, I was glad Sydney left.My first impression of Ashley was sort of indifferent. I greeted her when I first saw her and she kind of just said hello and walked off. Later when we went out, it seemed to be a good time but then Ashley made a comment about being “better” than the rest of us. This didn’t settle well with me.

I was the one who started the whole “throwing” of Nikki’s things. For some reason, Char felt the need to take credit for this and get in Nikki’s face. I let this slide because, hey, if Char wanted to take credit and look like a big dog, then she can deal with the cops! :) That being said, I felt that Nikki deserved it. She had messed with everyone in the house and touched everyone else’s things at some point. Throwing her things in the pool is worse than what she did but what can I say? This is the BGC. If you can’t take the heat, then get the f*ck out.

I was sad for Sydney when I learned about her uncle. I can totally understand Sydney’s need to leave. The BGC is great and I hated to see her go, but when it comes down to it, family trumps all.

At first I really liked Ashley, but when her friends started drama with us, that is when my feelings changed. I don’t feel I was right calling Ashley an “extra” but everyone knows the first time a replacement makes an original mad, the first insult is going to be “you’re new” or “you’re extra” in the Bad Girls house. The only way to get back at a person without physically touching them is to touch their things or throw insults, even if you don’t necessarily mean them. Ashley and I are cool now…so it is what it is :)
I definitely think getting tattoos was a bonding experience for Nikki and I. I saw her fun side that day, and I’m glad I did! I got the tattoo because it’s the Bad Girls Club and why not? Haha. I love that I got “f*ck you.” It’s a phrase that I never get tired of saying. The only other tattoo I have is on my wrist. It says “breathe.” And no, it isn’t a reminder. It’s a song by a band called RED.

I think that the entire fight between Ashley and I was totally uncalled for. When I drink, I hate to be touched, which is probably why I pushed Ashley. However, Ashley was new, so she had no idea about what I liked or disliked. It wasn’t just me forgiving Ashley, Ashley forgave me as well. Plus, Ashley is a really fun girl and not really about drama. She wanted to squash things and it’s really easy for me to forgive people.

I think Sydney left the Bad girls Club because the house was turning Sydney into something she wasn’t. She is a very laid-back, chill and not a drama girl. I was sad that Sydney left. She was my second best friend in the house (after Jade) but now, in a way, I was glad she left. That way, the house didn’t turn us against one another!!

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