Lauren on Episode 6: Play With It

At first, Nikki and I became allies because we had one common ground: we hated Char. As Nikki and I hung out, we discovered that we had a ton of things in common and really enjoyed each other’s company. I snapped judged Nikki based on her constant joking and found her annoying. I didn’t take the time to understand her, and for that, I am definitely regretful. Unlike some of the other girls, I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong. I’m lucky because I feel like I truly gained a friend in Nikki. For the other girls, they were only allies -- putting up with one another because they had to. Even though Kori and Jessica thought they had a friend in Char, now that the episodes are airing, they are seeing her true colors. They really should have opened their eyes and listened to Nikki and me.

I had been “standing up” to Char since day one. The only difference was none of those times were dramatic enough to have aired on the show. Moving on, another portion that was not shown was me coming to Char as an adult (aka sober) and letting her know that I was going to have my own opinion regardless of what she said or thought. Char smiled at me and we parted on good terms and that’s when she started talking sh*t behind my back. It was at this point that I realized she was weak. I could and can attack Char however I please and she will never do a single thing about it apart from running her mouth. As far as ever being friends with her? Absolutely not. I could never be friends with someone who thinks they are too good for everyone else. Additionally, she disgusts me with the way that she lives, speaks, and behaves. She is a very loud, obnoxious girl who hates on anything and everything if it involves something good happening to another person. I like to be happy for other people when they succeed, not jealous. Jealousy is a very ugly look.

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I feel sad for Char because, even though she’s a pretty girl, her personality is ugly and makes people resent her. If you’re still Team Char, try to find at least 5 genuinely nice things to say about her or that she has said about someone else. I dare you. She is a pathetic excuse for a woman, and I’m regretful to have ever met such a person. Char is the absolute scum of the earth and she needs serious help.

I love pushing Char to the limit. She wants to contradict herself and say she’s so “grown” and “mature,” yet I am able to make her act like a complete idiot. The thing is, I know I’m crazy and wild, but I never claimed not to be. I’m fine with being portrayed as such, but Char is not. That’s the difference. I call the shots with this girl and I love it. I kicked her out of her own room for crying out loud. How much more pathetic can you get? Char believes that just because she is loud she “runs” things. Well, news flash, not only have you recycled and used phrases belonging to every girl in the house, you have now used Natalie’s as well. Char needs a personality. She’s trying so hard to be in charge and she is making herself look like a fool. I have never been concerned with being in charge of another because I’m way too important and too much to handle all by myself.

As far as Jessica goes, the only airtime this b*tch gets is when she is fighting Char’s battles or making some ignorant ass comment. I’m confident that the majority of viewers need subtitles to even understand what she’s saying. Jessica should have stuck to minding her own business, the fight was between Char and I. To this day, I can honestly say that Jessica and I never had a direct problem. It was all “her defending Char.” I find this to be pathetic. Congrats,Jessica, you don’t even have a name in the Bad Girls’ house - you’re identified as a minion. How does that make you feel? Actually, I don’t care. These minions made their beds, now they can lay in them (:

Last, I feel no remorse for getting physical with Char. Char likes to play the victim. She wants to talk negatively about others, touch other people’s things, and put her hands on people, but when she is treated the same, she wants to pull some sob story out of her ass and try to gain pity instead of hate. NEWSFLASH: YOU have a lot of growing to do, b*tch. I don’t feel sorry for you. Stop crying like a little b*tch and accept that fact that you’re weak. WEAK. And got severely gutted by little ‘ol Kentucky (: You’re an embarrassment.

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I started yelling and instigating a fight after Nikki and I went out that night was purely for my own personal amusement. I did it because I knew I could. Sure, it was kind of immature haha…but the other girls had completely shut down. They were extremely boring, just “waiting out” the remainder of our stay in the Bad Girls Club. Plus, we would overhear them talking about us. So, since they wanted to be shady and boring, I started with them. I’m not afraid of anyone. Fans can call it what they wish, but there is a whole different recipe to how things work in the Bad Girls’ house and I utilized every tool that I had. Ultimately, I got to call Char’s bluff (because her minions were asleep) and she failed miserably, ending her night in tears.

At first, I thought Jennifer was a cool girl. Maybe a little loud, but hey, aren’t we all? Jennifer noticed the separation in the house and I was up front with her. I let her know that there was a separation, but I had no need to talk negatively about the other girls. She could get to know them on her own and make her own judgment. What was not shown, was Jennifer coming out to dinner with Nikki and I and all of us having a blast. The next day, she went out with Char + minions, came home drunk (as one of Char’s “pawns”) and started a fight with us for no reason. She made comments about how she hated all of Nikki’s “pranks”, except she wasn’t there for any of them. Also, since she had a problem with Nikki, she immediately had one with me. Which I found funny, as that is the first quality of a minion. For me, I called her psycho and was done with it. I reached out to her as a friend, but I by no means needed her on my team. I’m my own team, and I always stand alone. I don’t need anyone to back me up. So if Jennifer wanted to make herself look like a fool, then so be it.
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